AI Song Charts

What we do.

AI Song Charts is dedicated to keeping track of trending songs being generated by the top AI music generation platforms. Our commitment to charting these songs is in effort to foster a community among AI song creators, to provide a sustainable and distinct foundation for this emerging segment of the music industry.

Who we are.

Musicians, technologists, and all-around nerds. Our passion for music and undying desire for moral technological development drives AI Song Charts and our community. Consider supporting us on Patreon to keep our mission alive.


What models do you currently chart songs from?

We are currently charting songs from Udio and Suno, based on play count and like count.

How do you decide which models to support?

Our charts only include songs from models that have consistent, high quality output. We evaluate models on a case-by-case basis and will regularly start tracking songs on new models if they pass our certification.

Using a new model that you want us to chart? Email us!

When do the "Weekly" and "Monthly" charts change?

Our weekly charts are reset every Sunday. Our monthly charts are reset on the first of each month. These charts will only show songs generated within their respective timeframes.

What is your stance on the potential ethical missteps in the training of generative AI music models?

We believe that artists must retain complete control of their music and should have absolute authority over whether or not machine learning models make use of their songs in training processes.

Generative music platforms need to be transparent with what their training data contains, and allow artists to concretely opt out to protect their assets.